The finest foods from the Basque Country

ZooteeK Works with only the finest producers to bring this quality to you.
We taste and select the best, so you simply need to choose whatever you need, knowing that it will fulfil the highest quality standards.


ZOOTEEK Official Partner 2019

This year Bentley celebrates its 100th anniversary and to mark this incredible milestone, RREC is hosting a selection of unforgettable events and unique experiences throughout 2019 where ZooteeK has been selected as official partner.

RREC selects only the best brands and products for their members and few brands are selected to take part in their publications and events. 

This year ZooteeK is one of those chosen. The quality of our products has seduced the organizers to invite us to showcase our products in one of their main events.

Why ZooteeK?

ZooteeK specialises in importing the best gourmet Basque foods into Britain, offering clients something truly different.


ZooteeK works with only the finest producers to bring this quality to you. We taste and source the best so that you simply need to select whatever it is you wish to buy.


We select producers that use environmentally sustainable procedures and we pay them fairly in order to ensure they maintain the best quality standards.

Delivery guarantees

At ZooteeK we take our clients very seriously. Delivery times and agreements are key factors in our commitment to you.
The Basque Government is pleased to be supporting the launch of ZooteeK. We believe ZooteeK epitomises the very same passions that make Basque food and drink unique; namely quality and innovation. In the Basque Country, we are proud to nurture nature’s gifts and commend ZooteeK as a worthy ambassador of sharing the best that we have with the people of Britain. Zorionak, Imanol!